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  • Address:

    1393 N. Highland Avenue
    Suite 4
    Atlanta, GA 30306

    We are actually located behind the shops (Sorrelle, Boutique Karma, the Running Store) of 1393 N. Highland Ave. & Rosebud Restaurant. You can access us either by a small driveway found to the right of Sorrelle Boutique or off of Lanier Boulevard in Morningside.  Also note, if you access us from Lanier Blvd., that there is a parking lot right in front of our shop so keep on driving even though it may seem the driveway ends.  Give us a call if we can provide you with any further information or assistance.  Thank you!
  • Telephone | Fax: (please call ahead if sending a fax.)

    404.228.3260 | 678.705.4358

  • Parking:

    Free and convenient, off-street parking is available in the lot off of Lanier Boulevard- continue through this lot and there is another lot right outside the shop with storefront parking.

  • Email:

    You can email us at info AT casserolesatlanta DOT com